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Actualités autour du Bitcoin

News websites

  • Reddit /r/Bitcoin:

    Excellent source of information on the Bitcoin: Directory of links and posts submitted and rated by the community.
  • The most popular Bitcoin news websites
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  • Coindesk:

    CoinDesk is the world leader in news, prices and information on bitcoin and other digital currencies.
  • Bitcoin Magazine:

    Source of information, news and commentary about Bitcoin and crypto-currencies.
  • Crypto Coins News:

    Daily Bitcoin Analysis, updates on the Altcoin/Cryptocurrency Market and Financial Op-Eds.
  • Twitter news: see our list News Bitcoin - English.
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Sites en français

  • est un site d’informations et de nouvelles autour de Bitcoin.
  • Le coin coin

    Site d'information francophone dédié aux monnaies numériques (Bitcoin, Nxt, OpenUDC...). Il est doté d'un journal, d'un forum et d'autres services.
  • Blog de l'asso Bitcoin France